Making art to capture the memory of your favourite place

Do you have a special, maybe even nostalgic, connection to a certain place? Do you still dream of its colours?
Do you wish to bring it into your home and make it part of your life?
With art that captures those memories you can cherish and remember them for years to come and share your happiest moments with family and friends.

Let's create a bespoke painting of your favourite place - a work of art you'll treasure forever!

Featured Project


Hampton Court Art Experience

Thanks to my ‘mastermind family’ I had a truly Royal Art Experience! I spent a fabulous Sunday at Hampton Court taking in the sights and sounds and taste, the history, and the weather, and then captured the experience artistically.

What Others Are Saying

“This painting represents a special view of a city that I love very much”

“beautiful – and luminous, just enticing”

“…und hat so viele Erinnerungen in sich”

("…it contains so many memories")

“Das Bild ist wunderschön, es erinnert uns an eine unserer Lieblingsstädte!”

("The painting is beautiful - it brings a part of our favorite city into our living room")

“Beautiful. I like the freedom of movement with the detail. Not easy to combine those.”

How to bring home your Travel Art

Come with me

Take advantage of one of my upcoming expeditions and commission a painting

Select a finished painting

Find out whether there are original paintings from past journeys available

For Europe Enthusiasts

If you are thinking about bringing home a painting of your favourite place in Europe, or giving it as a gift, then you might want to check this map.

As you know, I don’t paint places I haven’t seen with my own eyes.

But depending on the exact location of your desired Travel Art, here are some areas in Europe I know quite well, and where I can offer my service to you without the need for an ‘extra on location trip’

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