A Day Trip to Salisbury & Stonehenge

Take a turn around Stonehenge and Salisbury with me, world heritage sites that are probably on most people’s bucket lists.

This is part of my portfolio / repository – photos for future paintings, places I have seen and experienced and will paint for you!

I want to offer you an authentic experience, that is why I promise you that I will not paint a place that I have not seen.

Sadly, due to the Corona pandemic, we cannot meet each other and create a meaningful painting for your home together, so for the time being I will continue to take you with me on virtual explorations and walks.

I was lucky: not too many visitors. So I was able to experience the atmosphere of a site which has been a place of pilgrimage for millennia.

A visit to Salisbury and its famous Cathedral.

A few additional impressions / perspectives:

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And if you are interested in a painting of Stonehenge or Salisbury, send me an email!