Art to capture the memory of your happiest days and ‚that special place‘!

My goal is to create a memento of the place that is most important to you, or that holds your most cherished memories – a physical representation of a special moment that you can bring into your home, so that you can re-live and share your story with your family and friends, always.

Focus on experience

I always promise my collectors that I do not paint a place that I have not seen with my own eyes. I won’t create art that is not based on personal experience. You cannot send me a photograph and expect a painting in return. That’s not how it works.
Experiencing a place has a physical impact on us, and I am convinced that to be able to create an authentic representation, one needs to feel that impact.
I believe in powerful, immersive and in-depth experiences. To create something amazing, it is necessary to be amazed first!

Katja Schmitt Berlin Museum Portrait Artist Destination

Let’s create something memorable together!

And we can take it even further: I will meet you at the place that you wish me to capture in a painting, so that you can show it to me personally and tell me your story. You will be able to share your memories and point out the details which you love most of all. Your feelings about this place will become part of the creative process.

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Or maybe you already think that this may be the perfect offer for you, then I am happy to send you all the details about how to meet me and commission a painting.


In a perfect world, how would you want to work with people?

This is a question I was asked more and more frequently. Which is interesting, because the question already contained a certain „approach“ in the way it was worded. The question wasn’t ‚how do you want to work *for* people?‘ or ‚how do you want to sell art?‘ – but work *WITH* people! It gave me the opportunity to think out loud and to try to formulate what I had been pondering for a long time. What is it that I do? And how do I want to offer it?

Creating a piece of art that captures someone’s most cherished memories is a personal, even intimate process that results in something extremely meaningful.

If you wish to commission a painting that freezes a special moment in time or makes a statement about what’s important to you – that tells a story about you essentially – you are involved in more than an exchange of money for goods. You would not have chosen hand-painted art as your means of expression otherwise, I believe.

This is why I have developed an offer which is *based* on your experience and which also *creates* a new experience for you that is immersive and fully-featured and personal – an all-around, comprehensive package: click here to learn more!

About me

I graduated design school in Cologne, did an internship at Medienhaus in Baden-Baden, and then got a graduate degree in art, graphic & communication design from the Rhein-Sieg-Kunstakademie (art academy) near Bonn, where I studied (among other things) painting with Nikolaj Fedkovic, a Slovakian artist and awardee of the 2002 European Union Art Prize in Prague.

Professionally, I lead a kind of double life… I am an artist and traveller. I explore and paint.
I also have more than 20 years of experience in the consulting business.
Does this work together? Yes, it does, because it’s all about innovation, curiosity and creativity.

Katja Schmitt_Hobbiton_Artist at Work_Portrait

Fun Fact: I won the FanQ award for „Best Lord of the Rings Gen Artist“ in 2009, which tells you that I am a ‚fangirl‘, too 😉 Tolkien, Star Wars, etc…. I did illustrations for fan written stories, and I also did some larger paintings based on Tolkien’s books.

I live in a ‚witch’s cottage‘ with slanting walls that was (probably) built in 1895 and which I’m renovating bit by bit. You can find me in my garden, on my bicycle along the Rhine – and also at a football match or at the museum.

When it comes to material, I paint with soft pastels because they are made of only pigments with a very little bit of binder and result in the purest and brightest colours. Also, I love the way they allow me to work in layers that create interesting patterns and shapes.

Do you want to learn more about what makes me tick, or what’s going on in my life? Then I recommend the stories in my blog. Some interesting examples might be Bicycle Tour in Cologne, or Making of ‘Summer’s Day in Glenorchy’ Pastel Painting.

What do you want to do next?