Katja_Schmitt_Cartographers Art_New Zealand_Ink_WatercolourDo you love maps?
Maps, globes, atlases… I explore them, copy them, even invent my own from time to time.
Did you also mark the places that you had visited in your school atlas and drew the routes of journeys you planned to go on?

Katja_Schmitt_Cartographers Art_New York_Ink_Watercolour

In 2016 I drew an experimental map of New Zealand, added a quote by Cohen that was important at the time and posted the result on Instagram. There was an immediate reaction, and the drawing soon had a new home! (And 7 months later it got a sibling…)

I have been asked if it would be possible to ‚reproduce‘ this kind of artwork –
And now I’m happy to present to you what I call „Cartographer’s Art“:

Your very own individual handmade ink and watercolour drawing of a map of your favourite place combined with your favourite (travel)quote.

Katja_Schmitt_Cartographer's Art_Collage

Maps are endlessly fascinating! For me, they’re always a part of what makes a journey special – mostly before, in anticipation, and after, to relive the memories…

Also, I admit that travel quotes are a bit of a guilty pleasure 🙂 Here are some quotes I wrote into the drawings so far:

„We travel, in essence, to become young fools again – to slow time down and get taken in, and fall in love once more.“

„The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.“

„Travel is the best teacher. The only way to an open mind is by taking a plane out into the open world.“

Katja_Schmitt_Cartographers Art_British Isles_Ink_WatercolourAnd I like the addition of song lyrics that I listened to while on a journey, too. For example, I wrote the words of ‚Bonny Portmore‘ into the shapes of the British Isles. And the lyrics of ‚Empire State of Mind‘ into the map of New York. This last one was a birthday present, and my bonus tip for you, if you plan to surprise someone with a weekend trip or vacation, is to incorporate such an artwork into the ‚presentation‘. It adds a special something. Or you could co-opt it as a gift certificate…

Katja_Schmitt_Cartographers Art_Tokyo_Ink_Watercolour

Send me an email if you’re interested in commissioning an individual, bespoke map-artwork of your favourite travel destination, or the place on top of your bucket list – or your home.

You will receive your Cartographer’s Art in a mat with beveled edges ready to be framed. It will be accompanied by a signed certificate guaranteeing its provenance. Your artwork will be protected by a hardcover portfolio.

  • FREE shipping in Europe!
  • Acid-free dorée Passepartout, size 30×40 cm, for picture size A4 or 18×24 cm (you decide!)
Katja_Schmitt_Cartographers Art_Portfolio_Ink_Watercolour
  • If you’d like to commission more than one Cartographer’s Art piece – because they are really very ‘collectible’, and they look great in groupings of three (or more) – please, let me know. I am happy to do a series for you!
  • When you send me an enquiry, please, tell me the location you’re thinking of and any other details you have in mind (like ‚zoom factor‘ for example).
  • Tell me your colour preferences – or send me a photo of the room you’re planning to hang up your Cartographer’s Art – but I reserve the right to offer recommendations. For example, yellow is not a good colour in combination with black. It can look very dirty very quickly and we also tend to associate yellow/black with danger.
  • We will determine all the details via email together, before I send you the final offer/quote. Only then will I ask you for a binding commission. So don’t be worried about pushing the button below. That’s just an email to start the conversation!

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Katja Schmitt Cartographer's Art Serie Neuseeland New York Kroatien

Katja_Schmitt_Cartographers Art_Greece_Ink_Watercolour


Katja_Schmitt_Cartographers Art_Lands End_Ink_Watercolour