New Zealand

Katja Schmitt New Zealand Glenorchy 1 Pastel Painting

The Evolution of | Die Entstehung von ‘Summer’s Day in Glenorchy’ Today I’d like to show you the evolution of ‘Summer’s Day in Glenorchy’. Even more than ‘Fox Glacier‘, which I wrote about the last time, it combines a more traditional approach to pastel painting (which still fascinates me, because I have done that very rarely until New Zealand) and my ‘signature style’ of emphasising shapes and textures in a more expressionist manner.Read More →

Katja Schmitt New Zealand Drawing

In eight months (it is April 2017 as I’m starting this post) I will be going on a journey that has been on my bucket list for a long time. My sister and I will travel to New Zealand for a month. The anticipation is thrilling! And in order to bridge those eight months, I will spend a lot of time planning. Because that’s – well, not half but – part of the fun! Calling for recommendations Will you help me pass the wait?Read More →