New Zealand Diary: Cardrona Valley and Queenstown

New Year’s Day. The drive from Wanaka to Queenstowm, through the Cardrona Valley, and a boat trip on Lake Wakatipu.

I have to ask you for a little patience. After the Christmas stress there’s the end of year stress, and I’m late once again…

In the meantime, I wish you a Happy New Year!!



A few impressions to shorten the time….

The famous and controversial Cardrona Bra Fence, which has been removed several times, but apparently always reappears somehow 😉 Today, you can leave a donation for the breast cancer foundation, which is a great idea for this tourist attraction! (Nobody knows how this whole thing started, btw) – In retrospect, of course, this experience has become even more significant for me. After my breast cancer diagnosis last year and the therapy, this photo has an almost symbolic character.

Cardrona Valley:

There was only one place where we found the famous flowering lupin fields of New Zealand, in the Cardrona Valley. Because there was a drought in the weeks before our trip, they had already faded almost everywhere. But we were lucky on our drive from Wanaka to Queenstown. And in the morning we were still wondering whether we should take the road over the Cardrona Pass at all, or rather the somewhat easier, longer highway… Good choice! 🙂

Katja Schmitt New Zealand Cardrona 1 Pastel Painting Collage


Katja Schmitt New Zealand Cardrona 2 Watercolor Aquarell Painting Deko



TSS Earnslaw – Steamship Lake Cruise: