New Zealand Diary: Glenorchy and Queenstown

Summer day at Lake Wakatipu and in Glenorchy, plus an evening in Queenstown.

I have to ask you for a little patience. I’m late once again, but family comes first…

In the meantime, here are a few impressions to shorten the time….


One of my „Watercolour Action Sketches“ inspired by the mountains and large lakes of the South Island.
The sketch is meant to be reminiscent of Lake Wakatipu with the Remarkables in the background.

The Team



Katja Schmitt New Zealand Glenorchy 1 Pastel Painting

„Summer’s Day in Glenorchy“ shows a view from the Glenorchy waterfront. This is the northern end of Lake Wakatipu. You can see the famous jetty that has been featured in myriads of Instagram posts in the background. Those trees are right next to the equally famous red Glenorchy ‘boat shed’.

There’s a blog post about the making of ‚Summer’s Day in Glenorchy‘, if you’re interested.


The sunsets we saw from our hotel room in Queenstown. It was incredibly hard to go to sleep, because night just didn‘t want to come, and the light was so beautiful!
This was one of those moments when it became clear that a few degrees in latitude can make quite a difference.

Katja Schmitt New Zealand Lake Wakatipu Watercolour Aquarell Neuseeland