New Zealand Diary: Marlborough Sounds, Nelson

We left Wellington and braved the Cook Strait. Then we sailed through the Marlborough Sounds and after our arrival in Picton on the South Island we drove through the Pinot Noir wine region towards Nelson and Richmond.

I have to ask you for a little patience. The Christmas stress has caught me after all, so a few blog posts are late.
In the meantime, I wish you happy holidays!!


A few impressions to shorten the time….

Exactly four years after I got to see this very welcome view of the Marlborough Sounds, I finally got around to painting a picture of it. I used watercolour and oil pastels for this sketch to try to capture the changeable weather and the different colour impressions between storm, rain, sunshine.
The captain called it ‚unfavourable weather‘ on the Cook Strait. Since I get sea-sick very easily, I’m not sure what to call it… But all worth it when you reach the Marlborough Sounds. Such a beautiful welcome to the South Island!