Katja Schmitt New Zealand Glenorchy 1 Pastel Painting

The Evolution of | Die Entstehung von ‘Summer’s Day in Glenorchy’ Today I’d like to show you the evolution of ‘Summer’s Day in Glenorchy’. Even more than ‘Fox Glacier‘, which I wrote about the last time, it combines a more traditional approach to pastel painting (which still fascinates me, because I have done that very rarely until New Zealand) and my ‘signature style’ of emphasising shapes and textures in a more expressionist manner.Read More →

Katja_Schmitt_London Eye_Pastel Painting

I love all my art, of course, but sometimes it really is a special joy to know the people who ‘adopt’ a painting. In the case of “London Eye” I was very happy that it found its new home with fellow London enthusiasts 🙂Read More →

Katja_Schmitt_Japanese Garden Red_Pastel Painting Feature

In addition to all the wanderlust, and the desire to see the world, I have noticed a need to connect with my home and to explore the area around my ‘base camp’. This is one of the places I rediscovered: the Japanese Garden in Leverkusen.Read More →

Katja Schmitt New Zealand Drawing

In eight months (it is April 2017 as I’m starting this post) I will be going on a journey that has been on my bucket list for a long time. My sister and I will travel to New Zealand for a month. The anticipation is thrilling! And in order to bridge those eight months, I will spend a lot of time planning. Because that’s – well, not half but – part of the fun! Calling for recommendations Will you help me pass the wait?Read More →

Katja Schmitt London Squirrel Brampton

My family was somewhat nonplussed to get photos of pigs’ heads, orange staircases, embroidered fabric, squirrel on tombstone, strange architecture, packaged sculptures and King Henry’s instructions for using the garderobe, “since to retain urine is hurtful to health”.* Er, Katja??Read More →