Walk to Land’s End – Wanderung in Cornwall

I want to offer you an authentic experience, that is why I promise you that I will not paint a place that I have not seen. Creating a piece of art that captures your most cherished memories is a personal, even intimate process.

I spent much of 2019 developing an immersive, fully-featured and personal offer which is based on your experiences and which also creates new ones. It is supposed to include travel, meeting personally, shared memories et cetera… Then the Corona pandemic happened.
How can we work together now?

With the situation the way it is, I decided to take you with me on virtual travels and excursions, to the places I have seen and experienced. I will share my photos so that you can get an idea of the locations that I have visited and that are part of my portfolio. I will also share my paintings or – like in this case of Land’s End – the ‚Making-of‘ of a painting, so that you can get a glimpse of the creative process.

So, without further ado, let’s take a walk together on the South West Coast Path, from Porthcurno to Land’s End:

These are / can be photos for future paintings – impressions both for myself and for potential collectors of a variety of motifs.

This day represents one of my favourite memories when it comes to travel and exploring new places, so of course I was going to paint at least one picture for myself… 😉
(several more are still in progress – stay tuned!)

Here you can see the very first layers and shapes. Everything is still very two-dimensional.

Then I added the next layers of colour as well as objects nearer to the viewer. You can see how a few more details can create a lot more depth.


At this stage I was more or less finished with the basic composition of the painting:

The next layers add light and atmosphere – I painted them more freely and expressively than the previous layers. Here are some details:


I painted several layers on top of each other to achieve the depth I was aiming for – although I did not paint as opaquely as I sometimes do with other paintings (e.g. New Zealand) because I wanted to capture the memory of  shimmering air and heat.  And I also emphasised shapes, texture, movement, and even a few colours which are not so obvious when you look at the scene but which kind of ‘resonate’ in the background (for lack of a better word) and which I ‘pull’ into the foreground – in this case the violet and a certain shade of turquoise.

“Walk to Land’s End” | 70 x 100 cm 
[Soft pastels and charcoal on ‚Tiepolo‘ 100% cotton, mould made, pH-neutral paperboard, 290 g/m², the two larger sides are deckled and the watermark ‚C. M. FABRIANO 100/100 COTTON‘ runs parallel to them]

Want to bring home *Walk To Lands End*? Send me an email!

A few additional impressions / perspectives:

Bonus Tip: Buy a Day Ticket from First and take the ‚Cornwall Explorer‘ (service 300).

The ticket offers unlimited travel all day, so you can hop on and off open-top service 300 which travels from Penzance to Newlyn to Porthcurno to Land’s End to Sennen Cove to St Just to Geevor Heritage Centre to St Ives to Marazion / St Michael’s Mount to Penzance and so on….

Are you thinking about bringing home a painting of your favourite place as a souvenir or giving it as a gift? Check this journal – or check this Pinterest board! There you can find many more of the locations I have visited.

And if you are interested in a Land’s End painting, send me an email!

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